Mammillaria longimamma

DC. (1828)

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Dolichothele longimamma (DC.) Britton & Rose (1923)Cactus longimammus (DC.) Kuntze (1891)


= Dolichothele longimamma ssp. uberiformis (Zucc. ex Pfeiff.) Krainz (1974) = Dolichothele uberiformis (Zucc. ex Pfeiff.) Britton & Rose (1923) = Mammillaria longimamma v. uberiformis (Zucc. ex Pfeiff.) K. Schum. (1898) = Cactus uberiformis (Zucc. ex Pfeiff.) Kuntze (1891) = Mammillaria uberiformis Zucc. ex Pfeiff. (1837)


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Fonte : The International Plant Names Index (2012)
Nome completo : Cactaceae Mammillaria longimamma DC.

Indice KEW

Identificativo KEW 134775-1 versione 1.4


Pubblicazione Mém. Mus. Par. xvii. (1828) 113.
Autore DC.
Pagina 113
Argomento della citazione unknown


Categoria tassonomica Specie
Ibrido No

Indice GRAY

Identificativo GRAY 151194-2 versione 1.3


Pubblicazione Mém. Mus. Hist. Nat. 17: 113. 1828
Autore DC.
Anno 1828
Argomento della citazione tax. nov.
Note [Gandhi 11 Feb 1998; NT. data]


Categoria tassonomica Specie
Sinonimo Cactaceae Neomammillaria longimamma Fosberg,Cactaceae Dolichothele longimamma (DC.) Britton & Rose,Cactaceae Cactus longimamma (DC.) Kuntze
Ibrido No


Metztitlan, Hidalgo (Mexico, Northern America)


Collezionista W.Reppenhagen
Numero raccolta 305
Ubicazione neotype ZSS

Note cactofile su Mammillaria longimamma

di maurillio

La descrzione originale da Britton e Rose....

12. DOLICHOTHELE (Schumann) gen. nov.
Plant-body globose, more or less cespitose, soft in texture, never milky; tubercles elongated, not
grooved above; flowers borne in axils of old tubercles, very large, with a definite funnel-shaped tube;
inner perianth-segments yellow, spatulate, tapering into a claw and borne on top of tube; stamens
forming a spiral about style and borne on whole face of throat, but forming a definite ring at top of
throat; style slender; stigma-lobes linear; ovary exserted, naked; fruit smooth, greenish, purplish, or
red, globose, ellipsoid or short-oblong; seeds black or brownish.
Type species: Mammillaria longimamma De Candolle.
The generic name is from δολιχός long, and θηλή nipple, referring to the elongated
The fruit is not often collected and is not well known. Dr. Rose obtained a single
fruit of one of the species, the only one we had then seen, in a private collection in Rome in
1915; this is nearly globular, red, thin-walled, many-seeded; the seeds are brownish, pitted,
slightly flattened, pointed at base, with a small sub-basal hilum. In October 1921, Robert
Runyon sent us a number of fruits which were greenish white to purplish, with black seeds,
these somewhat flattened and pitted.
Mammillaria camptotricha Dams (Gartenwelt 10: 14. 1905) is usually considered as a close
relative of this group, but it differs widely from it in the flowers as well as in other ways,
and we believe that it is not congeneric with it (see page 126).
Three species, natives of southern Texas and northern and central Mexico, are
Key to Species.
Spines glabrous, even when very young; species of Texas and northern Mexico. . . . . . . . . . . 1. D. sphaerica
Spines puberulent; species of central Mexico.
Tubercles very long (sometimes cm. long), pale green, glaucous; radials 6 or more;
central spines usually present . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2. D. longimamma
Tubercles much shorter, bright green; radial spines 4 or 5; central spines none. . . . . . . 3. D. uberi

Altre specie del genere mammillaria

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Karwinskiana ssp. beiselii Karwinskiana ssp. beiselii f. arteaga Karwinskiana ssp. collinsii Karwinskiana ssp. nejapensis Kelleriana Kewensis Kladiwae Kleiniorum Klissingiana Knebeliana Knippeliana Kraehenbuehlii Krameri Krassuckae Krasuckae Kuentziana Kuentziana forma Kunthii Kunzeana Lanata Lanigera Lanigera v. juxtlahuacensis Lasiacantha Lasiacantha ssp. egregia Lasiacantha ssp. hyalina Lasiacantha ssp. viescensis f. diablensis Laui Laui ssp. dasyacantha Laui ssp. subducta Lenta Leona Leucantha Lewisiana Limonensis Linaresensis Lindsayi Lindsayi f. narlinii Lloydii Longicoma Longiflora Longiflora ssp. stampferi Longiflora v. breviflora Longimamma Longimamma f. monstruosa Longithele Louisae Luethyi Machucae Magallanii Magallanii v. hamatispina Magnifica Magnifica f. brevispina Magnifica f. inermis Magnifica v. minor Magnimamma Mainiae Mammillaris Manana Marcosii Marksiana Marnierana Marshalliana Matehuala Mathildae Matudae Matudae v. serpentiformis Matudae v. spinosior Maycobensis Mazatlanensis Mazatlanensis f. patonii Mazatlanensis ssp. patonii Mazatlanensis ssp. patonii v. sinaloensis Mazatlanensis v. monocentra Meissneri Melaleuca Melanocentra Melanocentra ssp. linaresensis Melanocentra ssp. rubrograndis Melanocentra v. rosea Melispina Mendeliana Mercadensis Meridiorosei Meyranii Meyranii v. michoacana Microcarpa Microcarpa v. texensis Microhelia Microthele Microthele v. superfina Miegiana Miegiana forma Mieheana Mieheana v. globosa Minnichii Mitlensis Moeller-valdeziana Moelleriana Monancistracantha Monancistracantha v. chrysacantha Montensis Monticola Morganiana Morricalii Movensis Muehlenpfordtii Multiceps Multidigitata Multiseta Mundtii Mystax Nana Nana ssp. duwei Nana ssp. duwei cv. rubrispina Nana ssp. duwei f. cristata Napina Nazasensis Nejapensis Neobertrandiana Neocoronaria Neomystax Neopalmeri Neoschwarzeana Neoschwarziana Nivosa Noureddineana Nunezii Nunezii ssp. bella Oaxacensis Obscura Obscura v. wagneriana tortulospina Occidentalis Occidentalis v. sinalensis Odehnalii Odieriana Ojulensis Orcuttii Oteroi Pachycylindrica Pachyrhiza Pacifica Painteri Papasquiarensis Parkinsonii Parrasensis Paulii Pectinifera Peninsularis Pennispinosa Pennispinosa ssp. nazasensis Pennispinosa v. nazasensis Perbella Perbella f. cristata Perbella v. lanata Perezbomba Perezdelarosae Perezdelarosae ssp. andersoniana Perezdelarosae ssp. andersoniana f. variegata Petrophila Petrophila ssp. arida Petrophila ssp. baxteriana Petterssonii Phaeacantha Phitauiana Picta Picta forma Picta ssp. viereckii Pilensis Pilispina Plumosa Plumosa cv. rosa blute Plumosa v. roseiflora Polyedra Polythele Polythele cv. nuda Polythele cv. un pico Polythele ssp. durispina Polythele ssp. obconella Polythele ssp. obconella v. galeotti Pondii Pondii ssp. maritima Pondii ssp. setispina Poselgeri Pottsii Pottsii v. multicaulis Praelii Priessnitzii Prolifera Prolifera ssp. arachnoidea Prolifera ssp. texana Prolifera v. haitiensis Prolifera v. pusilla Pseudoalamensis Pseudocrucigera Pseudohalbingeri Pseudoperbella Pseudoperbella f. cristata
Pseudoschiedeana Pseudoscrippsiana Puberula Pubispina Pullihamata Pygmaea Rayonensis Rekoi Rekoi ssp. aureispina Rekoi ssp. aureispina f. lutea or affinis l 1055 Rekoi ssp. leptacantha Rekoi ssp. leptacantha "aureiflora" Rekoi ssp. leptacantha "aurilongispina" Rekoi ssp. leptacantha f. lutea Rekoi v. leptacantha Rettigiana Rhodantha Rhodantha ssp. aureiceps Rhodantha ssp. fera-rubra Rhodantha ssp. mccartenii Rhodantha ssp. mollendorffiana Rhodantha ssp. pringlei Rhodantha v. fulvispina Rhodantha v. sulphurea Rioverdense Ritteriana Roemeri Rosamonte Rosensis Roseoalba Roseocentra Rossiana Rubida Rubrograndis Ruestii Runyonii Saboae Saboae ssp. goldii Saboae ssp. haudeana Saboae ssp. roczekii Saboae v. haudeana Saetigera Saetigera ssp. woodsii Saffordii Saint-pieana Sanchez-mejoradae Sanjuanensis Sanluisensis Santaclarensis Sartorii Saxicola Scheidweileriana Scheinvariana Schiedeana Schiedeana cv. xilo Schiedeana f. plumosa Schiedeana ssp. dumetorum Schiedeana ssp. giselae Schiedeana v. plumosa Schumannii Schumannii - fiore bianco Schumannii forma Schumannii v. globosa Schwarzii Schwarzii f. roseiflora Scrippsiana Scrippsiana forma Scrippsiana ssp. schumacheri Scrippsiana v. armeria Scrippsiana v. autlanensis Seideliana Seitziana Seitziana v. tolantongensis Sempervivi Senilis Senilis 'fiore bianco' Sheldonii Shurliana Silvatica Simplex Sinaloensis Sinforosensis Sinforosensis ssp. marionae Sinistrohamata Slevinii Solisii Solisioides Sonorensis Sp rog 641 Sp. Sphacelata Sphacelata ssp. viperina Sphaerica Spinosissima Spinosissima cv. rubra Spinosissima cv. un pico Spinosissima f. cristata Spinosissima f. cristata cv. un pico Spinosissima ssp. pilcayensis Spinosissima ssp. pilcayensis v. crocidiata Spinosissima v. flava Spinosissima v. rubrispina f. cristata Stampferi Standleyi Stella-de-tacubaya Subtilis Supertexta Supraflumen Surculosa Swinglei Swinglei forma Tayloriorum Temorisensis Tepexicensis Tesopacensis Tesopacensis v. papasquiarensis Tetracantha Tetracantha v. galeottii Tetrancistra Tezontle Theresae Theresae f. albiflora Theresae f. cristata Thomsonii Thornberi Thornberi ssp. yaquensis Tlalocii Tolimensis Tonalensis Trichacantha Tropica Uberiformis Umbrina Uncinata Unihamata Vagaspina Vallensis Vallensis v. brevispina Variabilis Varieaculeata Vaupelii Vaupelii v. flavispina Vergelensis Verhaertiana Verticealba Verticealba v. zacatecasensis Vetula Vetula ssp. echinaria Vetula ssp. gracilis Vetula ssp. gracilis cv. antje Vetula ssp. gracilis cv. arizona snowcap Vetula ssp. gracilis cv. roi baudoin yonneux Vetula ssp. gracilis f. monstruosa Vetula ssp. gracilis f. pulchella Vetula ssp. gracilis hybr. buenavista syn snowflace Vetula ssp. gracilis v. pulchella Vetula ssp. lacostei Viescensis Viperina Virginis Viridiflora Voburnensis Voburnensis ssp. eichlamii Voburnensis v. gerhardii Voburnensis v. quetzalcoatl Vonwyssiana Wagneriana Waltheri Weingartiana Wiesingeri Wiesingeri ssp. apamensis Wiesingeri ssp. apamensis v. pratensis Wilcoxii Wildii Winterae Winterae ssp. aramberri Wohlschlageri Woodsii Wrightii Wrightii ssp. wilcoxii Wuthenauiana Xaltianguensis Xaltianguensis ssp. bambusiphila Xaltianguensis ssp. bambusiphila v. parva Xaltianguensis v. aguilensis (?) Xochipilli Yoloxis Zeilmanniana Zeilmanniana cv. albiflora Zeilmanniana f. cristata Zephyranthoides Zeyeriana Zublerae Zuccariniana